We specialize in app, web, and software development, offering top-notch solutions for all your digital needs. We are committed to delivering authentic, creative, and corporate-driven solutions.

At our core, we firmly believe in the power of strategy for achieving success. That's why we closely collaborate with our clients to ensure optimal results.

With a decade of industry experience, we're known for authenticity, creative solutions that surpass expectations, and turning your ideas into reality—whether a simple website, app or complex software.

We stay updated on tech trends, ensuring cutting-edge solutions for your development needs. Our team leads the way!

Our team comprehends that creating outstanding apps, websites, and software requires more than design and coding. We're here to offer dedicated support, equipped with up-to-date tech knowledge. Reach out via email or phone for prompt assistance. We also provide ongoing maintenance and updates to keep you ahead. Trust us to embody a corporate essence while maintaining authenticity and creativity.

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We’ve got your back, digitally!

Explore the scope of advanced technology with ECNet Solutions Inc., your digital innovation ally. We excel in custom software, web and mobile app development, e-commerce solutions, and groundbreaking technologies like AI, AR, VR, and Machine Learning. With our custom solutions, we've been elevating businesses since our inception. Join us on this transformative journey and experience unparalleled business growth.

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  • E-Commerce
  • CDAP Digital Advisor
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Our services

We build systems that create structure to increase profits and productivity.

We offer comprehensive App, Web, and Software solutions for businesses of all sizes, from startups to established corporations. We're a certified Digital Advisor for Canada's Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).

CDAP Certified Digital Advisor

Unleash digital transformation potential for your business through the Canada Digital Adoption Program. As certified advisors, we create your adoption plan, enabling you to access up to $7,300 in wage subsidies and up to $100,000 in interest-free loans.

Mobile App Solutions

Our mobile app development services fuse cross-platform and native solutions, empowering iOS, Android, watch, and TV apps. Seamlessly integrating mobile devices with Bluetooth, geolocation, and face recognition technologies.

Web Development

Our web development services encompass both front-end and back-end expertise, harnessing a range of cutting-edge technologies to deliver seamless and innovative digital solutions that cater to your unique needs.

Custom Software

Our custom software development integrates APIs, webSockets, facial recognition, biometrics, hardware, and cutting-edge technologies to craft tailored solutions that redefine performance and security.

eCommerce Solutions

Elevate your online business with our E-commerce Solutions. From Shopify's simplicity to WooCommerce's flexibility, we tailor solutions to optimize your digital storefront, streamline transactions, and boost sales.

Interface Design

Experience the transformative influence of outstanding design through our Interface Design services. We excel in crafting user-friendly, visually captivating interfaces, enriching your digital presence for apps, websites, software, and e-commerce platforms.

UX Design

Enhance user experiences with our UX Design expertise. Our focus on intuitive, user-centered design ensures seamless, enjoyable interactions in your digital products, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Wordpress Development

Maximize WordPress's potential with our expert development. Custom themes, powerful plugins, tailored solutions – we make your website stand out and flourish.

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work process

Our easy work process in four steps

  • 01
    Discovery & Planning

    We dive into your needs, uncovering innovation. Creatively, we map your brand's vision with professionalism and innovation.

  • 02

    Our design journey starts with ideation and research, followed by creative execution, rigorous testing, and finally, a seamless user experience.

  • 03

    We initiate with strategic planning and design, proceeding to coding, testing, and optimizing, delivering a robust, user-friendly digital solution.

  • 04
    Testing & Maintenance

    Following development, we perform thorough testing for seamless software operation. Continuous maintenance ensures security and updates.

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